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Free licenses
Kastner and Ohler shop

Veneto bank

Euros and cents

Euro money

Euro coins

Unicredit Bank branch

H & M store photo

Euro coins

German 10 Mark coin

Deutsch Mark coin

Stonefly store

Hennes & Mauritz store

C & A store

New Yorker store

Corti store

Veneto bank ATM

Peek and Cloppenburg

L'Occitane store

Coins close-up

Euros and dollars

Coins stack


Xerox Canada

Telecom Italia store

Veneto bank

Zara store

C & A store

Kastner & Ohler

BIPA store

New Yorker store

Money in hand

European currency

Euro coins and notes

Coin in a palm

Closed Rolex store

Casa di Risparmio di Venezia

Benetton store

Banca d Italia building

Oviesse store

Grom ice cream shop

Stefanel shop

Coin store

Perlier Kelemata store

Hello Kitty store

Expert store

Stefanel store

Stacks of coins


Croatian kuna coins

Two coins stacks

Euro coins and notes

Dollars and euros image

Euro coins close-up

Coins stacks

Coins image

Money Coins

Euro coins image

Euro coins

5 Euro note

Two Euro close-up

10 euro close-up

The ten Euro note

Euro coins in a palm

100 dollar note

10 Euro note

Chanel store